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Healing is possible when you feel heard, known and safe. Finding a therapist who’s a great match for you is a key part of that process. With diverse backgrounds and specialties, our team works together to ensure that you receive exceptional care.

Explore what makes each of our therapists unique and discover who's the best fit for you.

Not sure which therapist to work with? Schedule your consultation with our practice owner, Mary Tate. She’ll help you determine who’d be the best fit.

There are many beliefs in how therapists can approach treatment 

here’s what we believe


we work together

Our therapists work together, support each other, collaborate on how to best serve our clients, approach each other with challenging situations, and share favorite recipes.


we don’t compare

We acknowledge that all problems are problems. We don’t compare yours with ours or others and we create space for you, no matter what.


we’re readily available

We believe in easy booking and an easily reachable office. No tape to move through. We respond even if we don’t have the answer yet. We don’t want you to feel unheard, ever.

We also believe therapy can be fun.

Meet with us in person or virtually! 
Now offering virtual psychotherapy in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, Florida and Texas.

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