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The holiday season often brings families together, which can be joyful but also stressful, especially if you have to field prying questions from well-meaning but nosy relatives. As a therapist, I’m often asked how to handle personal or insensitive inquiries that pop up over Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some of my tips: Set boundaries ahead […]

Dealing With Hard Questions at Thanksgiving: A Therapist’s Advice


Relationships, Skills

Communication is the number one issue couples go to therapy for and one of the main things I work on with my clients in session. But it makes sense. Our emotions get heightened when communication gets tough and even more so if a resolution isn’t reached. We can feel misunderstood, invalidated, threatened, or offended when […]

Assertive Communication: How to Get What You Want, With Skill



Guilt. We often carry it so closely we hardly recognize its part in our lives anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Guilt (like all emotions) can be a signal to take a closer look. And if we take that closer look and recognize we’ve done something wrong, whether hurting someone else or ourselves, taking […]

4 Ways to Counteract Unnecessary Guilt in Your Life



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