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The turning of the calendar sparks renewal and possibility for many people. As the old year ends, we look ahead to the chance to better ourselves. Setting New Year’s resolutions and goals provides motivation and a sense of control. However, from a mental health perspective, there are important considerations around goal setting. Potential Benefits Thoughtfully […]

Ringing in the New Year: Setting Goals for Your Mental Health



The holiday season often brings families together, which can be joyful but also stressful, especially if you have to field prying questions from well-meaning but nosy relatives. As a therapist, I’m often asked how to handle personal or insensitive inquiries that pop up over Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some of my tips: Set boundaries ahead […]

Dealing With Hard Questions at Thanksgiving: A Therapist’s Advice


Relationships, Skills

Imagine a cozy evening at home, wrapped in a blanket with a bowl of popcorn in hand. What is on the screen? Your all-time favorite TV show, the one you have watched a dozen times before? It might be the quirky gang from “Friends,” the mesmerizing escapades of “Harry Potter,” or the heartwarming tales of […]

Why Watching Familiar Shows Makes Us Feel Better, Less Anxious, or Even Comforted



As the summer sun sets and September’s breeze ushers in, the familiar rhythm of school routines returns. For students, parents, and educators alike, this transition can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. After months of flexibility and freedom, getting back into the groove of early mornings, homework, and extracurricular activities can feel like a daunting task. […]

Navigating the Return to School Routines: A Mental Health Journey


Adolescent Mental Health, Skills

Communication is the number one issue couples go to therapy for and one of the main things I work on with my clients in session. But it makes sense. Our emotions get heightened when communication gets tough and even more so if a resolution isn’t reached. We can feel misunderstood, invalidated, threatened, or offended when […]

Assertive Communication: How to Get What You Want, With Skill



What do we mean by “inner child?” Your inner child is a part of you that developed during infancy, latency, and pre-adolescence when you were first exploring and experiencing yourself in the world. In many ways, your inner child embodies your most authentic and unmodulated self, in that it is concerned with what delights and […]

Small, Simple Ways to Nourish your Inner Child



First dates are scary for everyone. Not only are we being vulnerable with someone we don’t know well (or at all), we’re entering into unknown social territory. We won’t know how our date perceives us, and we’re often unsure about how we think about them right away. The relationship is undefined and expectations are often […]

7 Ways to Cope with Dating Stress when BPD Symptoms are Triggered


Dating, Personality Disorders, Relationships

Even though therapy is becoming less stigmatized recently, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to search for one and put yourself out there. Many times we have questions like: “How do I know I can trust this person?” “Is this worth my time and money?” “How will I keep up with payments when I’m worried about […]

First Session Jitters: How to overcome any fears about your first therapy session



If the thought of seeing a therapist is intimidating or unpleasant, there’s a good chance themedia has influenced you. When you picture a therapist in movies or TV, you may think of anolder man wearing a sweater vest with his glasses resting halfway down his nose. Fictionalizedtherapists often embody these stereotypes in the name of […]

Therapy in the Media: Fact or Fiction



More than ever, teen girls are feeling depressed and hopeless, and the statistics are shocking. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent report, 1 in 4 girls reported having made a suicide plan in 2021. In addition, the most recent information shows that teen girls’ sadness is double what it is […]

Teen Girls are Experiencing a Mental Health Pandemic: How Parents Can Help


Adolescent Mental Health

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